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If the .texi file @includes version.texi, then that file will be automatically generated. The file version.texi defines four Texinfo flags you can reference using @value{EDITION}, @value{VERSION}, @value{UPDATED}, and @value{UPDATED-MONTH}:


Both of these flags hold the version number of your program. They are kept separate for clarity.


This holds the date the main .texi file was last modified.


This holds the name of the month in which the main .texi file was last modified.

The version.texi support uses the mdate-sh script, which is added to the source directory when automake is invoked with the --add-missing option.

If you have multiple Texinfo files, and you want to use the version.texi feature, then you have to have a separate version file for each Texinfo file. Automake will treat any include in a Texinfo file that matches vers*.texi just as an automatically generated version file.