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J.2 Autoconf resources

See the Autoconf web page for up-to-date information, details on the mailing lists, pointers to a list of known bugs, etc.

Mail suggestions to the Autoconf mailing list. Past suggestions are archived.

Mail bug reports to the Autoconf Bugs mailing list. Past bug reports are archived.

If possible, first check that your bug is not already solved in current development versions, and that it has not been reported yet. Be sure to include all the needed information and a short that demonstrates the problem.

Autoconf’s development tree is accessible via git; see the Autoconf Summary for details, or view the actual repository. Anonymous CVS access is also available, see README for more details. Patches relative to the current git version can be sent for review to the Autoconf Patches mailing list, with discussion on prior patches archived; and all commits are posted in the read-only Autoconf Commit mailing list, which is also archived.